Our Durty History

In 2001, I moved to a yard where my landlord was Jamaican. It was then that I realized I had a deep appreciation for the Caribbean culture. Over the years, I developed an obsession for Jamaican jerk chicken...a pimento wood smoked chicken rubbed in “Jerk Sauce” (a spicy dry-rub or pepper marinade consisting of three main ingredients: scotch bonnets, allspice, and scallions). This craving would lead me all around the world in search of the best jerk.

I would study others jerk sauces and recipes; adding too and taking away ingredients. While on my journey, I met a Yardie that was educated in the traditional way of preparing Jamaican Jerk Sauce who was willing to share with me a couple of his secrets.

Over time, I developed my own unique jerk sauce taste. Cooking countless amounts of jerk chicken for family and friends, I started to develop a fan following.

In the summer of 2011 “Sweet Durty Jerk” was born. A beautiful sweet balance of all-natural flavors and ingredients combined with traditional Caribbean spices.

Sweet Durty Jerk is the non-traditional spin on a deeply rooted traditional sauce.

Although there are literally no jerks bottled in our sauce, some days I sure would like to put a couple jerks in it, but instead we travel around changing the world one jerk at a time…